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Hydro Ban is a thin, load bearing waterproofing/crack isolation membrane.


Product Overview

Hydro Ban is a thin, load bearing waterproofing/crack isolation membrane. A single component self curing liquid rubber polymer that forms a flexible, seamless waterproofing membrane. Hydro Ban bonds directly to a wide variety of substrates.

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Features & Benefits

● Allows for flood testing in 24 hours*

● Bonds directly to metal and PVC plumbing fixtures only

● Thin, only 0.5mm – 0.8mm thick when cured

● Changes in color from a light sage to an olive green when cured

● Anti-fracture protection of up to 3mm over shrinkage and other non-structural cracks

● “Extra Heavy Service” rating per ASTM C627 “Robinson Floor Test”

● Exceeds ANSI A118.10 and A118.12

● IAPMO approved containing anti-microbial product protection

● Equipped with anti-microbial technology

● Safe—no solvents and non-flammable

● Install tile, brick and stone directly onto membrane


* Will cure at 24°C or higher at 50% RH, lower temperature at higher RH will require longer curing time



Product Specifications


Product #
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Country Availability Malaysia
Suitable Substrates
Packaging Summary 25 kg per pail

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